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  • Tired of using different software programs to manage your tennis club?
    Get all the features you need in one fully-integrated Web-based application:
    Online tennis court reservations
    Electronic billing
    Send More Relevant Communications
    Payroll and more!
  • Stuck managing student account and balances?
    Manage students with ease.
    Spend more time on the court...
    And grow your revenue!

Achieve More with 10sPro Manager

Grow your business and provide better service to your customers!

Get all the tennis pro features you need in one fully-integrated Web-based application

Spend less time on administrative task and more time on court

Achieve More with 10sPro Manager
Looking to run your tennis pro business in the smartest and most efficient way possible? Don't wait for better tennis pro management. View our tennis pro software features here or contact us now for a hassle-free demo.
Manage Tennis Students with One Integrated System
10sPro combines the key tennis pro software features you need into one convenient, Web-based application:
  • Online tennis court, lesson and equipment reservations
  • Point of Sale
  • Student and employee management
  • Electronic Billing
  • Group, event, team, adult and junior tennis program management
  • Payroll and more!
Get Affordable Tennis Pro Management without Limits
Want tennis pro software pricing that won't break your budget? Experience tennis pro management without limits:
  • Unlimited students, employees, courts, etc.
  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • Excellent technical support
Unburden yourself and your staff with Self-Serve Features for Students
Save your staff from performing certain tasks. Put control completely or partially in your students' hands to:
  • Reserve courts and ball machines
  • Register for clinics, programs and private lessons
  • Review and payment electronic account statements
  • Find other people to play with and more!
Get Software Built Specifically for Tennis by People Who Love Tennis
Forget pro management systems designed for other sports. Our tennis pro management software is:
  • Tennis centric and loaded with pro features designed to support your daily activities
  • Built by people who know and love tennis as much as you do
Manage Tennis Students Hassle-free Anytime, Anywhere
Give yourself the power to manage tennis students anytime, in the cloud, and from anywhere:
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn Web-based pro software
  • No software to download or update
  • Access the system on multiple devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones & tablets)
Grow Your Tennis Student Base without More Staff
With 20 or 100 students, our tennis pro software brings together functions for smarter pro operations so you can:
  • Grow your tennis pro business
  • Grow and manage your student base without a staff or cost increase
  • Do more than you can do today with the same number of people
  • Spend more time generating profits for your business and less time on administrative work
Know What's Happening at Any Moment, in Real Time
Know things such as your highest performing tennis pros, sales by hour of day and more - all in real time:
  • Simply document what happens when it happens
  • Let 10sPro's reporting module show you a clear picture of what's happening
  • Access this data in real time for key decision making
Save Time with Automatic Calculations and Integrated Processes
Record what happens, when it happens, and data generates for other operations & reporting automatically:
  • Calculate revenue in real-time with each Point of Sale transaction
  • Calculate payroll data with Point of Sale/online reservations engine
  • Calculate payroll reports in just a few steps
Keep Students Playing More Tennis & Increasing Revenue
Want students to play more tennis and spend more money? Encourage more activity with 10sPortal:
  • Provide students a tennis social networking platform to connect with other tennis players
  • Help students find the perfect match with our unique tennis player matching feature
Ready to experience better tennis pro management? Let us talk to you about your challenges and see if we are a good fit for you.

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