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Connect with tennis players and the world around you on 10sPortal.com

Locate players, courts, pros, clubs, stringers, clinics and much more. Gain access to a wide variety of features that bring you closer to other players and the rest of the tennis community.

Find a court when you need it most

Locate courts and get turn-by-turn directions using address or location based services.

The right match, the right place, the right time.

Our backboard and player search features allow you to find the partner for the game you want to play. Bottom line - tennis on your terms.

Take your game to the next level

Use our pro directory and find a trainer to help you own the court.

Connect with stringers in your community

Use our stringer directory and find a stringer fast.

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What Do We Provide
Apart of all our features you will get our unlimited support through e-mail
Directory Search
You can search on pretty much anything you need. Find the perfect tennis partner or find a court, stringer or pro in just a few clicks.
The Backboard
Did your partner cancel on you? Looking for someone to play with, but want them to find you? Use the backboard!
The Message Board
The message board offers a place to ask questions of anyone in the community. Selling a racquet? Have a question about a court? Anything tennis related counts!
If you are a tennis team, a group of friends, people in your neighborhood or a club... Groups can help you manage communication and event scheduling for your members!
Neighborhood Court Management
Neighborhood associations can now manage their courts online! Simply create a group and invite everyone in the neighborhood to join!
In a tennis ladder, players are arranged like rungs on a ladder and compete by challenging each other to matches.
Opponent Ratings
Rate anyone you play, anytime, anonymously.
Mapping and Directions
Get driving directions with the click of a button. The 10sPortal will automatically get you directions from your address to your match location.
Integrated Messaging
Our integrated e-mail tool is a great way to communicate with other players. It can deliver messages via e-mail, text-messaging, and of course 10sMail.
Unlimited Support
Unlimited e-mail access to 10sPortal Support.
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