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One Solution, More Benefits

Looking to run your tennis club or facility in the most efficient and smartest way possible? Don't wait another second for better tennis management.

One Solution, Accomplish More

Looking to run your tennis club or facility in the most efficient and smartest way possible? Don't wait another second for better tennis management.

Take a look at just a few benefits we have to offer!
Looking to operate your tennis club or facility in the most efficient and smartest way possible? Don't wait another second for better tennis club management.
Manage your Tennis Club with One Integrated Software System
10sClub brings together the key tennis club software features you need into one convenient. Web-based application:
  • Online tennis reservation engine
  • Point of Sale system
  • Group, event, adult and junior tennis program management
  • Electronic Billing
  • Member and employee management
  • Payroll system and more!
Get Software Built Specifically for Tennis by People Who Love Tennis
Don't choose a club management system designed for other sports facilities. Our tennis club management software is:
  • Focused primarily to the context of tennis
  • Packed with features designed to support your facility's daily activities
  • Built by people who know and love tennis as much as you do
Receive Affordable Tennis Club Management without Limits
Get tennis club software at a price point that won't break your budget. Experience club management without limits:
  • Simple, straightforward pricing per facility
  • Unlimited members, employees, courts, etc. per facility
  • Excellent technical support
Manage Your Tennis Club Hassle-free Anytime, Anywhere
Gain the power to manage your tennis club in the cloud anytime, anywhere:
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn Web-based application
  • No software to download or update
  • Access the system on multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets
Unburden your Staff with Self-Serve Features for Members
Save your staff from performing certain tasks by putting control completely or partially in your members' hands to:
  • Make tennis court reservations with e-mail and text message notifications
  • Reserve facility resources (e.g., ball machines)
  • Make payments on electronic account statements
Grow Your Membership Base without Hiring More Staff
With 100 or 1,000 members, our tennis club software brings together functions for smarter club operations so you can:
  • Grow your facility
  • Grow and manage your membership base without a staff or cost increase
  • Do more than you can do today with the same amount of people
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time generating traffic to, and profits for, your business
Know What's Happening at Any Given Moment
Know things such as your sales by hour of day, who your highest performing tennis pros are, and more - all in real time:
  • Simply document what happens at your tennis club
  • Let 10sClub's reporting module show you a clear picture of what's happening at your facility
  • Access this data in real time for key decision making
Save Time with Automatic Calculations and Integrated Processes
Document what happens, when it happens, and generate data for other operations and reporting automatically:
  • Calculate payroll data with Point of Sale/online reservations engine
  • Calculate revenue in real-time with each Point of Sale transaction
  • Calculate payroll reports in just a few steps
Keep Members Playing More Tennis & Generating More Revenue
Yes, your events keep members active, engaged, playing more tennis and spending more. But, you can also encourage more activity with 10sPortal:
  • Provide a tennis social networking features for your members make new connections
  • Help members find the perfect match with our unique feature that matches players with compatible abilities
Ready to experience better tennis club management? Let us talk to you about your challenges and see if we are a good fit for your club.

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